Web Folders

Web Folder

Web Folders are simply shared file folders on web servers installed on your computer's graphical desktop as network drives rather than as standard web sites. There are no special instructions for using the Web Folders, since they behaves and are accessed just like any other storage media such as a thumb drive or CD.

Connecting to BCT Web Folders

The procedure for connecting to and installing the NAS file servers as Web Folders depends on on your computer's operating system. For Windows systems, this involves "Mapping a Network Drive" using a high-port web URL. These are our Internet web links for our Web Folders are. Do not click these URLs. In the Windows Operating System Web Folders are accessed from Windows Explorer rather than in Internet Explorer or other web browser. In the Macintosh Operating System, they are accessed from Finder rather than Safari.


For your convenience, we include a set of screen shots for Windows 7, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS to illustrate the steps involved in mounting a Web Folder. Do not connect to the Web Folder link in Internet Explorer or any other browser. The link is used as an Internet Drive, not as a web page.

Windows 7 Screen Shots

Windows XP Screen Shots

Mac OS X Screen Shots

Mobile Devices

Web Folders are accessed from Mobile Devices such as iPads using Synology Mobile Apps. These Apps are described on the Mobile pages of this server.

Mobile Devices


Please contact us if you need assistance or encounter problems. Remember that the use of Web Folders is optional, and that you can always access the same file system through a web connection using the Synology File Station application. The difference is that with File Station, all of your activities are constrained within a browser windows, unlike the Web Folder service which is fully integrated with your graphical desktop.