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Web Folder Connection Screen Shots

Macintosh OS X

The following screen shots illustrate the steps involved in mounting a Macintosh Web Folder using the NAS1 WebDAV link: https://nas1.bct-llc.com:5006. Do not click or connect to this Web Folder link in Safari or any other browser. It is used in the sequence illustrated below. These procedures are depicted for NAS1, but similar procedures apply to NAS2.

Connect to a Server

From the Finder's "Go" menu, select "Connect to Server" and enter the NAS1 URL.

WebDAV Screen

WebDAV Screen


Authenticate using your BCT-LLC domain login user name and password; the same ones you use to connect to our email server.

WebDAV Screen


Access your network drive from Finder as you would any other mounted media. You can drag and drop files to upload or download content from the server. Even with a broadband Internet connection such as cable or FiOS, it may be preferable to actually edit a working copy on your local desktop to avoid Internet transfer delays or latency.

WebDAV Screen


Please contact us if you need assistance or encounter problems. Remember that the use of Web Folders is optional, and that you can always access the same file system through a web connection using the Synology File Station application. The difference is that with File Station, all of your activities are constrained within a browser windows, unlike the Web Folder service which is fully integrated with your graphical desktop.